Graphic Design and Advertising

Upon graduation from Cooper Union in 1960, having been less-than-thrilled with the world of “fine art” as presented in that time and place, I was delighted to find a profession called “graphic design” in a course taught by the great Rudy de Harak. It was an eye-opener. I always say that Rudy taught us “the concept of a concept.” Not only might this professional route lead to a means of making a living, it also seemed a way to have a wonderful time while doing so. I loved the amalgamation of words and images it provided. Eventually, this discipline lead to me a lengthy career in advertising, initially as an art director, but later on as a creative director.



LGFE 1981. Writer: Barry Hoffman. Illustrator: Marvin Mattelson


LGFE 1981. Writer: Kevin O’Neill. Typographer: George Abrams


LGFE 1984. Writer:John Schmidt. Illustrator: Children from a local nursery school.


LGFE 1985. Writer: Bob Sarlin.


LGFE 1981. Writer: Kevin O’Neill. Illustrator: David Heffernan


LGFE 1984. Writer: Kevin O’Neill. Illustrator: Fred Marcellino


Wells Rich Green 1990. Writer: Hy Abady.


Wells Rich Green 1990. Writer: Hy Abady.


Arista Records, 1978.


Arista, 1998