Etching and Aquatint

I so enjoyed studying mezzotint with Fred Mershimer at the Manhattan Graphics Center, that I couldn’t resist a ten-week course in etching and aquatint that he was teaching there. I decided to stick with one image throughout the intaglio exercises in order to focus on the techniques without the distraction […]

All About Naje

I recently wandered into The Urban Dictionary, and to my astonishment found that “Naje,” my domain name, is considered to be an actual word! Here’s the definition: “It is to make large amounts of money with no effort or ‘a money making machine. ‘That guy is such a naje, he […]

A Renaissance Man: the Art of Fred Marcellino

If you’re anywhere near Amherst, Massachusetts, I hope you’ve seen my late husband’s exhibition at the Eric Carle Museum. If not, run don’t walk. But if you’re not so nearby, go anyway, it’s worth the trip! The show includes some pieces that have never before been on display. The original Norman […]

First Mezzotint

I just finished a workshop course at the Manhattan Graphics Center learning the art of mezzotint with a great teacher, Frederick Mershimer. An amazing technique, mezzotint is the ultimate in lo-tech. Here’s my first production: “Sleeping Isabella,” 4 x 3 inches. Upon embarking on this course, I knew nothing about […]

The Art of Seeing

  “Amanda Emergent,” a charcoal drawing, is part of a juried exhibition entitled “The Art of Seeing” at the Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea.