All About Naje

I recently wandered into The Urban Dictionary, and to my astonishment found that “Naje,” my domain name, is considered to be an actual word! Here’s the definition: “It is to make large amounts of money with no effort or ‘a money making machine. ‘That guy is such a naje, he […]

Graphic Design and Advertising

Upon graduation from Cooper Union in 1960, having been less-than-thrilled with the world of “fine art” as presented in that time and place, I was delighted to find a profession called “graphic design” in a course taught by the great Rudy de Harak. It was an eye-opener. I always say […]

Alice in Wonderland

These two drawings were done from iPhone shots, so I had to wait for quite a long stretch to take the photos until there were no kids sitting on Alice’s lap. The sculpture is by Jose de Creeft, having been commissioned by the philanthropist George Delacorte. It graces the north […]

Portrait of Sandra Day O’Connor

My portrait of the Justice is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. For five years it was on display in the Contemporary Americans Gallery, but is now “in rotation,” meaning that it’s basically in storage. Hopefully, one day it will be viewable again. […]

Mercury Atop Grand Central

It was an honor to receive the Cecilia Cardman award through the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club at the National Arts Club in February of 2020 for this large drawing in charcoal pencil. I’ve always been fascinated by this magnificent sculptural array featuring Mercury, appropriately the god of transportation and […]

Ugolino Series

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux’s “Ugolino and His Sons” dominates the Petrie Court at the Met, and continues to inspire awe. I’ve greatly enjoyed creating large drawings of various details of this magnificent sculpture. The above photo gives you a sense of scale. The legend of Ugolino della Gherardesca is mesmerizing and terrifying. […]

Spontaneity Series

The inspiration for this series began when I found out that the Century planned to mount a show of paintings themed “The City.” I love exhibiting there, but had nothing remotely in the category, so of course decided to do an appropriate painting immediately. As I walked home, I mulled […]

“Just Pots” at The Century

It’s always a pleasure to be a part of any exhibition at the Century, 7 West 43rd Street. The current Nature Morte show will be on view in the main gallery until July 26th, 2016.